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  1. I am a menards part time employee on personal leave due to very high risk (heart transplant) for the cov19 virue. Is there any financial help available for Menards, disability? Unemployment help?
    Jim kidder
    Goshen, in

  2. How come they keep changing the tm portal??? You are making it impossible for me to access tm menards! You are frustrating me to the max and I hate it!!! Maybe you’re try to make it safe but guess what? You are also leaving your employees no access!!! My employee number is 1373xxxx

  3. Hello I am a new employee at menards I’m having trouble login on my phone, can you help me?

  4. I was an employee of Menards until 1/9/2020 and i need my W-2. I do not remember my Team Number to log in. What can I do?

  5. I really enjoy working for Menards in Iowa City Iowa All the Management is wonderful to work with and all the Team members the same. I really enjoying my job the floor cleaner I make alot of friends here And I really enjoying helping the guest and I tell the they are my 1 priority in my book

  6. My name is Lamin Darboe, date f birth 09/08/xxxx , I did not received my W2 on the mail, I will like you to email my W2 to me or I want you to sent me my team number so that I can get my w2 from member portal. need to file my text

    Thank you

  7. It is very disapointing that you cannot find info on this portal regarding company polices.
    Company claims that they are family owned. but according to what is going on, there is no
    help when there is someone pregnent and there is no way to find policy in regards to deaths in the family. This is tottaling wrong. Will not post name or location due to retaliation

  8. I am very happy and satisfied working at Menards. It is a great part time job. All of the employees are great to work for and with.

  9. I love this portal, but I have been trying to log in for 2 days to get the paystubs to verify my sons employment with Social Security disabilities payments. If I don’t get this in, they will lose their benefits. Please help. I need one more stub.

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